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For the best results please only add effects on individual tracks, NOT on the master bus. Your peaks should never be more than -3db, with an average @ -6db. If I receive an audio file that is squared off, then I’ll know you added processing to the master buss and I will have to refuse the file until you can send me an unprocessed one. Sending unprocessed mixes will save us both time.
Please send your music with a 44.1 kHz sample rate. Any bit rate 16 or above is acceptable, but 24 is preferred. If your music is going to be made into CD’s, then I will need to know so I can send them back to you at Red Book standards, which is 44.1kHz/16 bit rate. If you are only rendering for digital release, I can send you 24 bit files. Upload files in one of the following formats: (AIFF or WAV). Please do NOT send MP3′s or any other compressed audio. AIFF and WAV files are LARGE, so please use YouSendIt or any similar FTP site. These sites are free for small files, so if you are sending more than 1 song, please put them in a ZIP file. That will also save you some time. I can accept CD’s, but I can’t guarantee their audio validity because of my outside mailbox and the extreme heat here in Arizona, although I can SEND CD’s since I take them directly to the Post Office. This criteria also applies to your 1 song free sample that you would send.


Once you have approved of your mastered sample, you will send full payment through PayPal, money order, or personal check, but checks will have to clear before I work on your project and that could take 5-10 business days.

Step 3: REVIEW

Follow up. If you are satisfied with my mastering, please let me know so I can put your accolades on the website. If you are not, please let me know. Your 100% satisfaction is my guarantee to you. I will take any constructive criticism, i.e., more highs, more mids, less bass….REALLY…LESS bass??? I think you need the bass….



Download, master and send back to you a 1:00 sample of your song within 2 days.


Upon approval, master your song(s) to your satisfaction and deliver back to you within 2 days for 1-4 songs and 5 days for 5+ songs. I can do a 1 day rush for an extra 5.00/song for 1-4 songs and 2 days for 5+ songs. Don’t forget the added time if paying by personal check. I will contact you upon your checks clearing so you’ll know when I have started on your project. I will also mail a Master CD upon request for the additional fee of 5.00.

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